28 12 / 2010

Anonymous said: Dear Bitch,
This girl at my school always pretends she is saving the seat I want to sit in if it is next to her or around her. Then, if nobody else sits in it by the time class starts she'll say "Well, it was saved for anyone but you..." I wanted to cry the first time it happened, and the people in class WAIT for her to say it now. What should I do?

Dear NeedsASeat!

Oh no!  Bitch alert!  This girl sounds so freaking immature.  Forrest Gump may be a classic, but the “seat’s taken” line is so elementary. Normally I would tell you not to worry because some people are genuinely holding seats for people that have asked them to do so, but this girl sounds like she seriously has it out for you.  If she does it again when you get back to school, reply with something like “Surely you don’t need TWO seats _______!  You’re ass hasn’t grown that much after the holidays.”  That should shut her up ;)  Good luck!